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Nunez Community College

Department Directory

Academic Affairs
Academic Affairs
Accomando, M.Ed./Annette - Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs
Loria, M.Ed./Tonia - Dean of Academic Affairs
Mainville/Nora - Administrative Assistant IV
Adult Education
Adult Education
Arts & Humanities
Care and Development of Young Children
Lemoine, M.Ed./Katherine - Professor
Robinson, M.A./Gwen - Professor
Schmitt, M.F.A./Richard - Professor
Wilson, M.A./Faye Dawn - Professor
Fine Arts
Paul, M.A.A.T./Juliette - Professor
Chapman, M.A./Ronald - Professor
Manning, Ph.D./Curtis - Associate Professor and Special Assistant to the C
Bazin, M.Ed./Greg - Professor
Childress, M.Ed./Conrad - Professor
Durta/Andrew - Professor
Leblanc/Kathleen - Professor
Thomas, M.S./Christine - Professor
Paralegal Studies
Barbier, J.D./Theresa - Professor
Kametani, M.A./Nora - Professor
Bader, M.A./Margaret - Professor
Theater Production
Slie, M.Phil./Nicholas - Professor
McKee/Cathy - Accounting Specialist - Cashier
Porch, B.S./Tachel - Asst. Controller for Accounts Receivable & Bursar
Business & Technology
Business & Technology
LeBoeuf, M.B.A., M.M./Kelly - Administrative Assistant II
Business Administration
Barbe, J.D./Deborah - Professor
Computer Information Systems/Industrial Technology
Hoffman, M.S./Don - Professor/PTEC Program Director
Computer Information Systems/Office Careers
Irby, B.S./Lynn - Professor
Culinary Arts
Varisco, M.Ed./Ruth - Professor
Campagna/Jason - Professor
Entrepreneurship Center
Bartholomew, Ph.D./Mary - Director of the Entrepreneurship Center
Shedlock/Ed - Assistant Director
Spencer, B.S./Lenora - Program Coordinator
Health Services Office Management
Frazier, M.A./Rose - Professor
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
Wilson, B.S./Cliff - Professor
Hotel, Restaurant, & Tourism Administration
Calvin/Desdunes - Professor
Industrial Technology
Heintz/Julie - PTEC Administrative Assistant V
Tolleson/Keith - PTEC Program Manager
Dampier, A.S./Keith - Professor
Business Affairs
Business Affairs
Dragon, B.S./Karen - Assistant Controller for Restricted Funds
Frazier, B.S./Wendy - Assistant Controller for Acquisitions & Contracts
Le/Kim - Administrative Assistant/Accnts Payable
Leblanc, B.S., C.P.A./Corlin - Controller
Scallan/Elizabeth - Accounting Specialist for Purchasing
Seymour/George - Disbursement Supervisor for Payroll/Accnts Payable
Finance & Budget
Colar-Cash, B.S./Pam - Budget Officer
Lehr, B.S., C.P.A./Louis - Chief Financial Officer
Chancellor's Office
Chancellor's Office
DiCristina, A.G.S./Josie - Executive Secretary to the Chancellor
Warner, Ed.D./Thomas - Chancellor
Minor, A.G.S./Michele - ADA/Career Services Coordinator
Guard/Security - Security
Hart-Thore, A.S./Dawn - Coordinator of Facilities, Security, & FEMA
Financial Aid
Financial Aid
Doty, A.B.S./Kim - Administrative Coordinator III
Whisnant, B.S./John - Financial Aid Director/Veteran's Affairs
Health & Natural Sciences
Leblanc, B.S./Sandra - Professor
Wilson, B.S./Earl - Professor
Health & Natural Sciences
Pitre/Hope - Administrative Assistant II
Natural Sciences
Heyer, M.S./Klaus - Professor
Vo, Ph.D./Dr. Quyn - Professor
Waddell, M.Ed./Stephen - Professor
Winsor, Ph.D./Dr. Elsa - Professor
Bennett, R.N./Michelle - Professor
Gilbert, R.N./Juanita - Professor
Millbern, B.S.N./Shirley - Professor
Mixon, B.S.N./Lauren - Professor
Pohlmann, R.N./Darlene - Professor
Health Center
Methodist Health Center
Methodist/Health Center
Human Resources
Human Resources
Charles/Pamela - Human Resources Coordinator
Feast Holmes, B.S./Yolanda - Human Resources Analyst
Greene, M.P.A./Richard - Director of Human Resources
Information Technology
Information Technology
Hintzen, A.A.S./Chris - IT Analyst
Hosch, M.S.M./Jason - IT Manager
Institutional Advancement
Institutional Advancement
Frazier, B.A./Ernest - Director of Workforce Development
Jakiel Diulus, Ed.M./Lindsey - Public Information & Alumni Relations Officer
Mire, A.A.S./Jessica - Grants Coordinator
Rutherford, M.Ed., M.S./Kimberly - Director of Sponsored Programs
Smith, M.A./Teresa - Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement
Institutional Effectiveness & Research
Institutional Effectiveness & Research
Ecklund, B.G.S./Marie - Institutional Researcher Assistant
Simien, B.A./Andrea - Institutional Researcher
Unbehagen, M.Ed./Lenny - Dean for Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
DeFoe, M.L.I.S./Richard - Librarian
Monson, B.A./Rachel - Library Specialist
Todd, M.L.I.S./Christine - Part-Time Evening Librarian
Burton/Bill - Property and Receiving Supervisor
Timmons, A.A.S./Pattie - Property and Receiving Clerk
Student Affairs
Palmisano, Ph.D./Victoria M. - Career & Technical Educational Advisor
Student Affairs
Baines/Natanya - Administrative Coordinator II
Barras, B.S./Brittney - Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Beltram, A.G.S./Irma - Records Coordinator
Greenfield, B.A./Meg - Registrar/Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Hoskins/Stephanie - Administrative Coordinator III
Jones, B.S./Angie - Director of Admissions
Maillet, M.Ed./Becky - Dean of Student Affairs
Student Government Association
Student Government Association
Government/Student - SGA