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Nunez Community College

General Studies

The Associate Degree in General Studies is a springboard into a future Bachelor's Degree, offering fundamentals in a wide array of core disciplines such as humanities, mathematics, and sciences.

General StudiesStudents interested in this concetration can choose:

This program offers those who are undecided on a major the freedom to sample all academic fields while simultaneously earning credits that typically transfer to, as well as reduce the academic course load at, four-year institutions.

The Certificate of General Studies can also serve as a credential of college-level general education credits in line with the first year of an associate degree program.

You may also reference the Nunez Community College Catalog Page for more information including Semester Calendars, Tuition and Fee Schedules, Course Descriptions, and more. (Important Note: Course and Credit Hour requirements are based upon the College Catalog for the Academic Year that the student declared their major.)