Nursing and Nursing Assistant (513901, 513902)

The Nursing Program at Nunez Community College includes a Practical Nursing program (LPN) and a Certified Nursing Assistant program (CNA). Visit the Practical Nursing homepage for detailed program information:

Available Programs:
Technical Competency Area, Certified Nursing Assistant
Technical Diploma, Practical Nursing


The Practical Nursing Technical Diploma program at Nunez Community College is designed to meet the educational needs of those students who desire a career entry into health care as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Recent changes in the Practical Nursing Program have been designed to help students gain a quicker entry into the nursing program and attain successful completion of the program in 16 months. Admissions requirements can be found on the Practical Nursing Homepage.

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s) care for the sick, participate in prevention of illness and and assist in the rehabilitation of patients. They are employed in various health care settings such as long term care facilities, hospitals, clinics, physician offices, home health and community health facilities.

The nursing faculty at Nunez Community College subscribe to the philosophy that nursing is both an art and a scientific discipline, and endeavor to develop well rounded Practical Nurses who can apply the principles of caring, art and scientific knowledge to assist clients to achieve holistic maximum level of wellness.

This is a limited enrollment program. Successful completion of this program qualifies the graduate to take the National Council Licensure Examination for State Licensure as a Practical Nurse (LPN).

The Nursing Assistant Technical Competency Area (TCA) prepares students to provide basic bedside care and comfort to patients and residents in multiple healthcare settings, including: long-term care, hospitals, home health care, and other health care facilities. Additional information can be found on the Nursing Assistant Homepage.

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