Technical Diploma in Culinary Entrepreneurship

The Technical Diploma in Culinary Entrepreneurship will enable students to master skills within the areas of Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship.  Students will be provided with a variety of Culinary Arts coursework in order to promote mastery in the field and the attainment of industry based certifications. Students will also learn the skills necessary to successfully start and manage a small business within the food-service industry.

General Education Requirements

ENGL 1000 or Higher Applied Writing or Higher 3
MATH 1150 or Higher Math for Technology or Higher 3
subtotal 6

Major Course

Must earn a grade of “C” or better in each.

BIOL 1030 Nutrition for Food Service Personnel 3
BUSN 1500 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
BUSN 1520 Marketing for Entrepreneurs 3
BUSN 2900 Business Plan Basics 1
CULA 1000 Culinary Art and Science 3
CULA 1020 Basic Food Preparation 3
CULA 1050 Sanitation 3
CULA 1500 Baking 3
CULA 1700 Food Service Management I:  Purchasing 3
CULA 1750 Meat, Poultry, and Seafood 3
CULA 1800 Soups, Stocks, and Sauces 3
CULA 1900 Garde Manager Management 3
CULA 2020 Externship Program 3
CULA 2710 Food Service Management II: Cost Control 3
CULA 2730 Food Service Management III: Supervision 3
CULA 2800 Culinary Seminar 3
CULA 2850 Culinary Practicum 3
CULA 2900 International Cuisine 2
ELECTIVE Course must be chosen from BUSN or CULA 3
subtotal 54