Degree Forms

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Note to Advisors: Use these forms to monitor a student's path to graduation. Choose the proper degree or certificate based on the catalog year for which the student is eligible. During the student's initial advising session, save the form to your hard drive. If the student has already been advised, please check to see if he/she has a partially completed form. Email updated forms to your Division Head and copy the Dean of Academic Affairs (

2018 - 2019 Catalog Year

Arts & Humanities Business & Technology Health & Natural Sciences

Care and Development of Young Children AAS

Advanced Application Fundamentals CTS

Advanced EMT TCA

Care and Development of Young Children CAS

Business Fundamentals CTS


Care and Development of Young Children TCA

Business Technology AAS - Accounting


General Studies (Associate of ...)

Business Technology AAS - Business Administration Concentration


General Studies (Certificate of ...)

Business Technology AAS - Entrepreneur

LA Transfer (Biological Sciences ...)

LA Transfer (Fine Arts ...)

Business Technology AAS - Hotel

LA Transfer (Physical Sciences ...)

LA Transfer (Humanities ...)

Business Technology TCA - Hotel

Nursing Assistant TCA

LA Transfer (Social Sciences ...)

Business Technology AAS - Medical Office Management

Nursing Assistant TCA v2

Paralegal Studies AA

Business Technology CAS

Nursing Pre-Requisities

Paralegal Studies CTS

Culinary Arts CTS

Phlebotomy TCA

Teaching (Grades 1-5) AS

Culinary Arts Basics TCA

Practical Nursing Program Requirements

  Culinary Arts Sanitation TCA

Practical Nursing Technical Diploma

  Culinary Entrepreneurship TD  
  Data Tasking, Email, and Collaboration TCA  
  Databases CTS  
  Databases TCA  
  Electrical Construction CTS  
  Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning CTS  
  Industrial Maintenance CTS  
  Industrial Technology TD  
  Industrial Technology TCA  
  Industrial Technology AAS  
  LA Transfer (Business Degree ...)  
  Medical Coding and Billing CAS  
  Microsoft OS CTS  
  Presentations TCA  
  Software Development CTS  
  Spreadsheets CTS  
  Spreadsheets TCA  
  Tack Welding TCA  
  Welding CTS  
  Word Processing CTS  
  Word Processing TCA