Welcome to Student Success Center

We offer free Mathematics and Writing Tutoring, as well as General Academic Assistance

Individual and Group Tutoring/Faculty Led Sessions

Due to the Spring Holiday, The Virtual Student Success Center will be unavailable on Friday, April 2nd.  We will resume operations on Monday, April 5th.

  1. Request an appointment/Sign Up for a Study Session with a tutor or SSC faculty member.  Same day tutoring is often available.

  2. Enter the Virtual Student Success Center at your appointment/study session time.  Click on "HUB" after entering.

Note: - We now use the Nunez Community College Discord Server.

See below for an introductory video on using our new Virtual SSC.

Have a quick question?  Enter the Virtual SSC anytime Monday through Friday 10am-5pm and a host may be available to answer questions.

Academic Check-Ins

Get regular check-ins from a SSC staff member to help you stay on top of your academic goals for your current coursework. There are a wide range of formats and frequencies to choose from. Check-ins might consist of a text message conversation, email messages, or a short phone or video call.

Questions?  Email Kathleen LeBlanc at kleblanc@nunez.edu.

Our Mission:
The Nunez Community College Student Success Center Tutoring Program provides a supportive learning environment that facilitates the growth of students as they work to achieve their academic goals, where learning is the priority and long term success is supported.  Through individualized and group tutoring, as well as various workshops, the Tutoring Program aims to encourage students to become confident, independent learners.

We're Here to Help; You Can Do This!  #PelicansPERSIST