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Winter Intersession

Need to catch up on degree requirements? Want to lighten your Spring class load? Maintain your TOPS? Register for Nunez's Winter Intersession today!

Nunez is offering courses between the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters.  The intersession will begin December 18, 2019 and will end January 9, 2020. Students in these courses will earn the same number of credit hours as students who take these courses in the regular semester. All intersession courses will be conducted online through the Canvas platform.

Three-Step Process to Register for the Intersession

  1. Apply - Nunez Students already enrolled for the Fall Semester can skip to Step 2.  For all Non-Currently Enrolled Students you will need to apply for admissions for the Winter Intersession as one of the following:
    • First Time Freshman:  Students who have never been to college before. If you have participated in Dual Enrollment while in high school you are still considered a First Time Freshman.
    • Returning Students:  Students who have attended Nunez Community College, have not attended any other university, and are now returning.
    • Visiting Students: Students who are interested in earning credits during a Summer Semester but plan to return to their home college.
  2. Register - Head to the Advising Page to Schedule an appointment with an Advisor to Register for Classes.
  3. Finalize - Pay for Classes with Financial aid or make a Payment. 
    • You can view Tuition & Fee costs on our On-Line Only Tuition and Fees Page.(Please Note that additional course lab fees may apply.)
    • If using Financial Aid, make sure to meet with your Financial Aid Advisor before December 18th.

For more information view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

For any additional questions or issues you may contact Student Affairs at 504-278-6467, or email the Intersession Administrator Bobby Turner at .