Tutoring and the
Student Success Center (SSC)

Mission of the Center

The Student Success Center (SSC) is dedicated to the mission of Nunez Community college and provides academic, personal and career-focused support to enrolled students. The Center is helps students work toward their optimum potential in a nurturing environment where learning is the priority and long-term success is supported. Through individualized and group tutoring, advising, mentoring and various workshops, the Center aims to encourage students to become confident, independent learners.

The SSC is offering workshops on: habits of successful students, computer skills, mathematics, writing, and MORE!

The SSC Provides:
  • Individualized and group tutoring in math, English, reading and sciences
  • Individualized and group mentoring
  • Computer software to reinforce reading, writing and math skills

Free Online Tutoring!

Online professional tutoring available along with a comprehensive SkillsCenter Resource Library is available completely free of charge through HomeworkLouisiana, at www.homeworkLA.org.

HomeworkLouisiana Access and Details:
Available: Sunday-Thursday from 2:00 pm 10:00 pm at www.homeoworkLA.org
Live Help: A student connects to a professional tutor in an online environment for one-on-one help
Grade levels: K-12 and higher education subjects include math, science, social studies and English

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