Aerospace Manufacturing Technology (150801)

The Aerospace Manufacturing Technology (150801) program provides classroom and hands on training that allows students to develop the knowledge and skills to successfully perform the tasks required of an entry level Aerospace Manufacturing Technician.

Developed with support of industry including Boeing who is participating in manufacturing the largest rocket ever at the nearby Michoud Facility as part of NASA’s Orion project.

Nunez is a SpaceTEC educational partner, and through this partnership SpaceTec assisted in the program’s development. The SpaceTEC organization was developed through the National Science Foundation, and is supported by industry and board members, which include representatives from NASA, Blue Orbit, United Space Alliance and 30 other aerospace education programs

The  Aerospace Manufacturing Technology (150801) program will be the only program dedicated to Aerospace Manufacturing Technicians in the state of Louisiana.

The curriculum was designed to be directly related to an in depth task analysis for Aerospace Manufacturing Technicians, with content and courses mapped directly to expected job performance.

Three exit points are included:

  • Certificate of Technical Studies in Aerospace Manufacturing Technology consisting of 24 hours of mainly electrical and mechanical skills training.
  • Technical Diploma in Aerospace Manufacturing Technology consisting of 46 hours of coursework.
  • Associate of Applied Science in Aerospace Manufacturing Technology consisting of 61 hours of coursework.

Occupational Outlook lists median income for Aerospace manufacturing technicians at $65,730.

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