Step 5: Register for Class & Secure Payment

Register for Class:

Once you've completed Steps 1-4, you're ready to register for courses by creating a class schedule.

  • For tips and information about creating a class schedule, visit our Register for Classes Page.
  • To search the class schedule, as well as view a tutorial on using our Dyanmic Course Scheduler, please see our Course Schedule Page.

Secure Payment for Tuition & Fees:

Whether you are covering tuition and fees through financial aid, scholarships, or paying out-of-pocket, be sure that your tuition and fee balance is covered by the payment deadline.

Additional Resources:

  • Need Help Scheduling Classes?  See the Advising Section to find out how to get help from one of our professional advisors.
  • Review the Academic Calendar to find out more about payment deadlines and late registration fees.
  • Looking for information on Advanced Placement, AP, or College-Level Exam Program, CLEP?  See our AP and CLEP Credit Policy.
  • For information about financial aid, scholarships, and Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits, return to Step 2.
  • Use the NetPrice Calculator for an estimated cost of attendance.(Please Note: The Net Price Calculator only provides an estimate of college expenses, this may not be the complete and final cost.  Net Price Calculator provided by an outside source and is a work in progress.  Some ADA issues may exist.)