Policies Clearinghouse

Academic Affairs

Policy Number/Name/Use
1.000 e-Learning Policy
1.023 Instructional Disruption Emergency Policy
1.024 Professional and Educational Requirements for Faculty Policy
1.025 Faculty Workload Policy
1.028 Grade Appeal Policy
Memorandum 1.00 - Student Course Withdrawals
Memorandum 2.00 - Training Requirements for Online Instructors


Policy Number/Name/Use
9.000 Policy on Policy Development and Review
9.001 Substantive Change Policy
9.002 Consent to Release Photo/Video Policy and Form
9.003 Social Media Policy
9.004 Telecommuting Policy During COVID-19 Statewide Emergency

Business Affairs

Policy Number/Name/Use
5.000 Athletic Travel Policy
5.003 Contract Submission and Approval Policy
5.003(a) Acceptance and Distribution of Electronic Records and Signatures Policy
5.019 Misappropriation of Assets - Notification Policy
5.021 Hardship Waivers of Tuition Policy
5.024 Recoupment of Overpayments Policy
5.025 Tuition Discounts and Waivers Policy
5.031 Procurement Card Policy
5.032 Mobile-Electronic Messaging Device Policy
Memorandum 1.00 - Tuition and Fee Appeals Procedures
Memorandum 2.00 - Return of Unearned Military Tuition Assistance (TA)

Continuing Education

Policy Number/Name/Use
1.101 Legislative Authority and Accountability Policy
1.102 Standardized Assessments Policy
1.103 Approved Assessments Policy
1.104 Placement in Educational Functioning Level Policy
1.105 Post-Test Assessment Policy
1.106 Special Populations Policy
1.108 Reporting Indicators of Performance Policy
1.110 Data Matching Policy


Policy Number/Name/Use
4.012 Active Shooter Policy

Human Resources

Policy Number/Name/Use
6.003 Leave Policy Unclassified, Non-Civil Service Employees
6.007 Nunez 9-12 Month Faculty Contracts Policy
6.009 Nepotism Policy
6.010 Performance Evaluation and Salary Increases Policy
6.015 Grievance for All Employees Policy
6.032 Policy on the Recruitment and Hiring Process
6.036 Background Checks for All New Employees Policy
6.038 Tuition Assistance for Full-Time Employees Policy
6.041 Family and Medical Leave for All Employees Policy
6.042 One-Time Salary Supplement for Advanced Degree Attainment Policy
Memorandum 1.00 - Overtime Compensation for FLSA Non-Exempt Unclassified Employees
Memorandum 2.00 - Tuition Assistance for Full-Time Employees
Memorandum 3.00 - Pay Scale for Student Tutors
VCFO Memorandum in support of Human Resources Memorandum 1.00

Information Technology

Policy Number/Name/Use
7.001 Email Usage Policy
7.002 Remote Access Policy
7.003 Software Licensing Compliance Policy
7.005 Data Sanitization Policy
7.006 Identity Theft Prevention and Database Breach Notification Policy
7.007 IT Property Procurement and Security Policy
7.009 ERP Data Classification Policy
7.010 Information Security Policy

Risk Management

Policy Number/Name/Use
Campus Safety and Security Report

Student Affairs

Policy Number/Name/Use
Nunez Student Consumer Information
Nunez Student Consumer Information Student Notification
2.001 Anti-Hazing Policy
2.003 Title IX & Sexual Misconduct Policy
2.006 Nunez Unplanned Pregnancy Policy
2.015 Nunez Equal Opportunity, Harassment, and Non-Discrimination Policy
2.016 Financial Aid Verification Policy
2.017 Return to Title IV Policy
2.018 Campus Free Speech Expression Policy