The mission of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) department at Nunez Community College is the proliferation of STEAM and its related skills. STEAM is essential to ensuring that American workers are competitive in both local and national arenas. In fact, from an international perspective, the science and math performance of American students and workers lags behind much of the developed world quite significantly (PEW Research Center, 2017 and National Center for Education Statistics, 2015-2017).

Opportunity and experience gaps are driving this achievement gap (PEW Research Center, 2018). As community educators, it is our mission to prepare a highly skilled and internationally competitive workforce. This STEAM based achievement gap must be addressed. Large scale change starts locally and the STEAM Department at Nunez Community College is poised to deliver many opportunities to deepen the STEAM experience of Southeastern Louisiana.

Visit the STEAM Program page to find out more about the some of the offerings here at Nunez.

Visit the Makerspaces page to find out how Nunez is using advanced manufacturing equipment to enhance STEAM skill proliferation.

For additional information and to learn more about how you can sign up, please contact Julie Rexford, Director of STEAM at Nunez Community College, (504) 278-6427,  Follow us on Facebook – STEAM at Nunez for upcoming events. 

Go to for instructions on how to register for upcoming events and classes.