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'A space that welcomes community members and encourages the development of STEAM skills...'

These community workshops are known as makerspaces. Often, makerspaces are privately owned and operated for profit, strategically situating a curated collection of advanced manufacturing equipment behind expensive pay walls. This practice does not fit within our Nunez mission statement; instead, we seek to use the space as a vehicle for STEAM skill enrichment of our community members. All profit from the STEAM Makerspace at Nunez Community College will be returned directly to operation and enhancement of the space, and by extension, enhancement of our community. The STEAM Makerspace at Nunez Community College will be a hub for local business development, STEAM skill proliferation, and community enrichment. With your help we can close the achievement gap. Join Us.

The STEAM department at Nunez Community college is pursuing sponsorship for the development of its Makerspace.

For additional information please contact Julie Rexford, M.Ed. Director of STEAM at Nunez Community College, (504)-278-6427,