Step 3:  Assess College Readiness

To help evaluate which courses you should take at Nunez, be sure to submit your high school transcript, college transcripts (if applicable), and assessment test scores.

  • Submit high school transcript: If you have earned a high school diploma or completed an equivalency exam, submit your official transcript (or equivalency diploma) to Nunez.
  • Submit college transcripts: If you have earned college credit at another university or college, request an official transcript to be sent to Nunez.
  • Complete the Accuplacer assessment: In order to fully assess college readiness, you will need to complete an Accuplacer assessment. Some students may be exempt from this requirement (including those with acceptable ACT or SAT scores.)
  • Review your Admissions Checklist on LoLA to see which application documents you need to submit to Nunez.

Transcripts and Assessment

To help evaluate which courses you should take in your first semester, be sure to submit high school and/or college transcripts to Nunez and complete the Accuplacer assessment.

Submitting Transcripts

  • Transcripts may be submitted electronically to Nunez at participating colleges and universities. Inquire with your former college or university to find out if electronic transcripts are available.
  • College and high school transcripts can also be mailed to Nunez Admissions, 3710 Paris Road, Chalmette, LA 70043.

Accuplacer Assessment

The Acccuplacer assessment is a tool that helps Nunez evaluate which courses you should take at Nunez.  The assessment focuses on the following topics: reading, writing, and math.

Some students may be exempt from taking the Accuplacer exam:

  • Students with qualifying ACT/SAT scores may be exempt from taking the Accuplacer exam (ACT/SAT scores expire three years after the exam is completed).
  • Students who have previously taken the Accuplacer or COMPASS exam within three years are eligible to transfer these scores to Nunez.
  • Students who have successfully completed certain college level math and English courses may be exempt.
  • To find out whether you need to complete the Accuplacer exam, visit the Student Services office at Nunez.