Forms Clearinghouse

Academic Affairs

Name/Use Date Comments
Adjunct Evaluation Form 11/4/2019 Google Forms Document
Catalog Correction Form 9/15/2014 Google Forms Document
Degree Audit Approval Form 12/16/2020 Jot Forms Document
Developmental Course Equivalency 8/12/2014  
Distressed Student Referral Form 12/11/2019 Google Forms Document
Instructors' Absence Form 5/21/2018 Google Forms Document
Substitution of Graduation Requirements 3/24/2023 There are two divisional based forms for this: 1.) Academic and Technical Programs and; 2.)  Nursing and Allied Health Programs.  Please sign into Adobe Sign, go to Workflows, and select the correct divisional form for which the Program exists.
Syllabus Generator 5/21/2018 Google Forms Document
Textbook Adoption Form 4/14/2015

ADA Compliant Document Currently Being Worked On.

Withdrawal Form 4/3/2020 Jot Forms Document


Name/Use Date Comments
Tuition Appeal Form 2/5/2020

Print & fill out by hand.

Human Resources

Name/Use Date Comments
ADA for Employees Application Form 3/26/2021  
ADA for Employees Consent Form 3/26/2021

Application for Educational Leave


Application for Leave

Application for Refund of Service -- LASERS 3/26/2021  
Authorization to Conduct Criminal Background Check 3/26/2021  
Certification for Care of Family Member(s) 3/26/2021 Family Medical Leave.
Crisis Leave Donor Application 3/26/2021  
Crisis Leave Request Form 3/26/2021  
Direct Deposit Enrollment Form 3/26/2021  
Direct Deposit Secondary Account Form 7/22/2015  
Direct Deposit Waiver Form 3/26/2021 .
Disclosure of Outside Employment Form 3/26/2021
Employee Certification for Own Health Care 3/26/2021 Family Medical Leave.
Employee Change of Demographic Info. 3/26/2021  
Employee Handbook 10/10/2020


Employee Handbook Acknowledgement Form 1/08/2021 Google Form that will Email the User for Signing
Federal W-4 1/30/2019 Opens IRS.GOV's Fillable Form On Their Website.
Final Request for Tuition Assistance 3/14/2019 Tuition Assistance for Employees.
FML for Injured Military Leave 3/26/2021 Family Medical Leave.
FML for Military Leave 3/26/2021 Family Medical Leave.
Initial Request for Tuition Assistance 3/18/2019 Tuition Assistance for Employees.
Interview Evaluation 3/26/2021  
Form I-9 3/26/2021  
LCTCS Evaluation & Planning Form for Unclassified Personnel 3/26/2021  
Nunez Employment Application 3/26/2021  
Paycheck Earnings Statement Mail Address 3/26/2021  
Personal Payment Log to Send with Payment to LCTCS 3/26/2021  
PES Form to use with Classified Employees 3/26/2021  
Position Description Form 6/3/2021  
Request for Transcripts 3/26/2021  
Request for Duplicate W2 3/26/2021
Required Information Form 7/2/2019  
Sheriff's Department Background Check Authorization Form 5/23/2018  
Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) 6/3/2021  
Tobacco and Smoke Free Violation Form 8/5/2014  
TRSL Refund of Contributions 3/26/2021

ADA Compliant Document Currently Being Worked On.

Institutional Effectiveness \ Institutional Research

Name/Use Date Comments
Annual Goals Worksheet 2/5/2018  
Institutional Data Request Form 4/25/2020  

Information Technology

Name/Use Date Comments
Information Security Policy Form 9/7/2010 Must be filled out for network and email access.
IT Support and Request Form 7/5/2018 Google Form to be filled out online.

Student Affairs

Name/Use Date Comments
Academic Renewal Form 8/8/2018  
ADA ADHD Documentation Form 7/23/2012  
ADA General Application Form 7/23/2012  
ADA Initial Intake Form 8/10/2020  
ADA Learning Disability Form 7/23/2012  
ADA Physical Documentation Forms 7/23/2012  
ADA Psychological Documentation Form 7/23/2012  
ADA Semester Accommodations Request Form 7/23/2012  
ADA Semester Renewal Form 8/10/2020  
ADA Testing Request Form 7/23/2012  
Advanced Placement Form 7/25/2016  
Application for Graduation 7/14/2014  
Authorization for College Transactions 2/29/2016  
Cancellation of Enrollment Form 2/18/2013  
Change of Demographic Information Form 6/13/2018  
Change of Major Form 7/31/2020 Google Forms Document
Change of Student Registration Form 7/25/2016  
Credit for Prior Learning Application 8/30/2023  
Cross Enrollment Form 7/31/2020 Google Forms Document
Disposition of Incomplete Grade 5/5/2022 Please sign into Adobe Sign and use the Disposition of Incomplete Grade Workflow.
Dual Enrollment Course Selection Worksheet for Administrators 7/8/2014  
Dual Enrollment General Application 7/8/2014  
Dual Enrollment LOFSA Application for TOPS Tech Early Start Classes 4/4/2017  
Enrollment Verification Form 2/18/2013  
FERPA Permission to Release Information 2/29/2016  
FERPA/Waiver Block 8/25/2022  
Grade Change Appeal Form 1/19/2021 Use this form only after Student has discussed a Grade Appeal with your Instructor and the Dean.  Jot Forms Document.
Grade Change Form 12/18/2019 Google Forms Document
I Contract 5/5/2022 Please sign into Adobe Sign and use the I Contract Workflow.
Instructor Action Form for Student Absences 7/25/2016  
Master Schedule Course Request Form 2/16/2011 Use this form to add a course to the Master Schedule.
Programs of Instruction 7/31/2020  
Proof of Immunization Compliance Form 8/11/2016  
Replacement Diploma Order Form 11/5/2020  
Scholarship Service Hours Form 10/17/2016  
Nunez General Student Complaint Form 1/22/2024  
Nunez Student Organization Deposit Slip 1/23/2024  
Nunez Student Organization Fund Request Form 1/23/2024  
Nunez Student Organization Residual Balance Transfer Form 1/23/2024  
Tobacco and Smoke Free Violation Form 8/6/2014  
Transcript Guide 10/28/2015  
VA Education Enrollment Form 10/30/2019