Workforce of the Future

Nunez PTEC Students working on Chalmette Refining Equipment

The PTEC program prepares students to become process technicians and operators who control and monitor systems that keep plants running efficiently and safely.

Chalmette Refining recently hired and trained 18 new operators and two new instrument technicians to work in its refinery. Fourteen of these new employees graduated from Nunez Community College’s Process Technology Program (PTEC).

The PTEC program prepares graduates to work as process technicians in refineries, chemical plants and related industries. Since 2005, Chalmette Refining has partnered with Nunez Community College on the program, providing instructors, funding, guidance and hiring graduates.

“This program is basically creating the workforce of the future,” said Todd Monette, Chalmette Refining’s maintenance manager. “We are investing forward in this community to help build our future employees.”

Provided By:  Elizabeth Ellison-Frost, Chalmette Refining