Additional Nursing Information

The tabs below contain important information such as dates, guides, policies, and forms for applying to Nunez Community College's Nursing Program.

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CNA Program

Important Links's CNA Career Guide.

Background Checks

All students enrolling in the Nursing Assistant Program are required to obtain a criminal background prior to the start of the course.  You can begin this process by selecting the appropriate link below.  The results from this background check will be forwarded to the Health Science Division Office.  Please call the Health Science Division office prior to the first day of school to ensure your results have been received by our office.  Failure to obtain a criminal background check will result in the student having to withdraw from the program.

Practical Nursing

Application Dates

  • Applications for the Spring PN entry will be accepted August 15th through October 15th.
  • Applications for the Fall PN entry will be accepted February 1st through June 30th.

Important Links


Specific questions about the LPN program and its entrance requirements can be directed to Nursing Department at (504) 278-6390 or to Ms. Brittney Zaffuto, MSN-ED, Nursing Program Director,