Student Life

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official body that represents all of the students of the College. All regularly enrolled college students are automatically members of the SGA upon payment of tuition and fees. The membership has the authority to elect officers and senators. The SGA president serves on the Chancellor's Council and is the voice of the students in the governance of the college. The SGA sponsors social, cultural, and educational events on campus and funds these activities through the self-assessed student activity fee which is paid each semester by all students.

Through student petitions and referendums, the SGA has the authority to approve expenditures from the SGA self-assessed fees. Such requests also require the approval of the SGA Advisor and VCSA.

The SGA recommends expenditures from the technology fee paid by all students. The technology fee was reauthorized by the Spring 2008 student body. The technology fee funds computer equipment, computer technicians, essential supplies and equipment for academic programs, and student services that increase the level of technology available to students and improve student life and learning.

There are many College Committees that include students as members and the SGA and/or VCSA appoints such students to these committees.

Meetings and other activities are posted on bulletin boards in campus buildings. Meetings of the SGA are open to all students and students are encouraged to get involved by attending meetings, seeking appointments as senators, and running for office in the spring election.