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What is the Follett Access Program?

The Follett Access program at Nunez ensures that all students will begin the spring semester with all of the resources they will need to be successful. Students will have immediate, reliable, and affordable access to any textbooks and instructor-required course supplies.

Traditionally enrolled students will receive all of their course textbooks and supplies free of charge in the spring semester of 2023. However, military veterans receiving financial aid on the GI Bill, dual enrollment students, or students who have other sources of aid that cover the cost of textbooks and supplies will also benefit from the program. They will receive all of their textbooks and supplies by paying a flat rate of $24.50 per each credit hour in which they are enrolled. For example, a military veteran student enrolled in 12 credit hours will pay a total of $294.00 for all of their textbooks and required course supplies for the semester no matter what the individual cost of each item is.

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