Chapter 2 - Plan Your Semester

This chapter details how to determine your next semester's courses. It features resources to help determine which courses will satisfy which degree requirements as well as tips to help guide you through the process of course selection.

How to Access Your Degree Audit

Click on the DegreeWorks Dashboard link in LoLA to get to your audit.

  • Review your degree audit for missing courses
Screenshot of Degree Audit Page
  • Determine which courses will fill these requirements
  • Indicate the semester in which you plan to complete these courses
    • For full-time status, select 12-18 credit hours (4-6 courses).
    • For part-time status, select 3-11 credit hours (1-3 courses).

General Education Courses

Note: The chart below can help you determine which subjects will fulfill which requirements for General Education Courses.


Department Courses
Humanities English Literature, Art Appreciation, Survey of Art, History, Philosophy, Speech, Foreign Languages, Religion, Classical or Modern Theater
Arts Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Acting, Photography
Natural Sciences Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics
Social Sciences Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology