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Fines: Fines are charged on all overdue materials excluding the days when the library is not open. All patrons will be given written receipts upon payment of fines. Grades for students are held until all library debts have been cleared.

Lost Materials:
Patrons who have lost or damaged beyond use any material they have borrowed, will be asked to pay the replacement cost and a service charge. Accrued fines will also be assessed. Damaged items on materials are subject to a fee assessment.

Appeal via Due Process:
A form describing the appeal procedure is available at the Circulation Desk. All the listed steps must be followed including filling out the form completely and accurately. An appeal panel is available in accordance with the Student Discipline procedure as printed in the Student Handbook.
Overnight Loans:
Materials checked out overnight must be returned the next day the library is open with the exception that overnight materials borrowed on Friday are due on the following Monday.

Materials may be put on "hold" for 3 days. The library staff will fill out the necessary form. If these items are not checked out within this time, then they may be loaned to other students or be put back on the shelves.

Reserve Materials:
Instructors may place items on Reserve by filling out the appropriate form. Usually, Reserve materials must be used in the Library; however, the instructor placing the materials on reserve may authorize overnight circulation. At the end of the semester, faculty will be asked if they wish to retain or withdraw materials held on Reserve.

Media Equipment:
The use of media equipment is limited to faculty members and senior personnel of the institution. Faculty members are asked to reserve the equipment they need for instruction at the allocated time and to return same to the library after use. Off-campus use for community or professional meetings requires prior approval from the Library Director or the Head of Public Services. In their absence, the Media Specialist may approve overnight off-campus use.

State Documents, Reference, Law Books, Archival, Periodical and Materials:
These items do not circulate but may be used in the library. In special circumstances, permission may be granted for these items to circulate on a limited basis.

Inter-Library Loan:
Inter-library loan is available to faculty and students to obtain materials that are needed but are not owned by Nunez library. These materials can generally be borrowed from other libraries at no cost to the borrower. A request form for materials needed can be obtained from the circulation desk. Sometimes the lending library charges a fee for photocopies or for postage - in these instances, the patron would be responsible for paying the fee.

Reciprocal Borrowing Privileges:
Nunez Community College is a member of both CALL (Council on Academic Library Liaison) and LALINC (Louisiana Academic Library Information Network Consortium). CALL was formed to promote cooperation among the eleven libraries of the academic institutions in the New Orleans area. LALINC is a similar group in which most of the higher education institutions in Louisiana participate. Student borrowing privileges are extended to faculty and graduate students with special borrower's cards obtained from their own "home library." A small number of institutions offer reciprocal borrowing to undergraduates. The CALL card may be renewed each semester.

Approved by the Administrative Council, January 13, 1997
Revised May 1999 - Approved by the Administrative Council, June 7, 1999