Fee Schedule

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Note:  Effective Fall 2016, Additional Excess Credit Hour Fee of $150.96 is charged for each credit hour above 15.

Note:  Effective Summer 2023, Additional Bookstore Access fee of $27.36 is charged per credit hour.

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Additional course lab fees are assessed for specific courses – see the College Catalog for more information.

Estimates on the costs of attending Nunez Community College can be made using our Net Price Calculator. (Please Note: The Net Price Calculator only provides an estimate of college expenses, this may not be the complete and final cost.  Net Price Calculator provided by an outside source and is a work in progress.  Some ADA issues may exist.)

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*The current fee schedule is subject to change. Any changes will be published at a later date.

Important Note:  By registering for classes/courses at Nunez Community College you are hereby entering into a contractual agreement whereby you agree to comply with all laws, rules and regulations that comprise the terms and conditions of this contract and those included in the General Catalog and or Semester Class Schedule during all periods of enrollment.  

Additionally, by registering for classes/courses at Nunez Community College you acknowledge and accept the following:  

Any debt owed to the College as a result of the student’s failure to make required payments or failure to comply with the terms of the applicable program as governed by the Nunez College General Catalog and/or Semester Class Schedule will result in a violation of the terms and conditions of this contract. Failure to respond to demands for payment made by Nunez Community College may result in such debts being transferred to the State of Louisiana Attorney General’s Office, or other outside collection agency, for collection. Upon transmittal for collection, the student is responsible for collection/attorney’s fees in the amount of at least 25% percent (25 %) of the unpaid debt, and all court costs.

Payment in LoLA
All payments are due at time of registration. You may click "payment options” at the bottom of your bill (Student Account Summary on LoLA) and either pay your bill in full or set up the payment plan online. Online payment can be made with a debit card, credit card, or web check. Payments by cash, cashier's check, or money order can be completed in the Bursar's Office, first floor of the Administration Building.