Christine Antoine, received an Associate of Science degree in General Science. Christine is attending Holy Cross where she is majoring in General Science with an anticipated graduation date of 2011.

Matthew Joseph Diaz, a Nunez Computer Science MS-LAMP Scholar, is currently enrolled at LSU where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Matthew earned 80+ credit hours while enrolled at Nunez Community College, most of which transferred to LSU.

Akemi Dosereaux, graduated in General Science. Akemi will be attending Arizona State University with a major in Meteorology.

India Jackson, India is currently a Sophomore at Nunez Community College and is currently maintaining a 3.83 GPA. She is completing a LA Transfer Associate of Science degree with an emphasis in Biology. When asked why she chose the field of science, India stated that she just loves science. There are so many things you can do with science and the main thing is you can make the world better with science. Since the LAMP program has given her the opportunity to mentor and tutor other students, she finds she enjoys tutoring those who are trying to achieve their GED and also those students with learning disabilities. She feels most fulfilled working with these groups of students.

Jillian James, Jillian is a Sophomore at Nunez Community College. She is currently in the LA Transfer program Associate of Science studying Chemistry. She is maintaining a 2.87 GPA. Jillian would like to use the knowledge she gained in Cosmetology school to become a cosmetic chemist. She enjoys cosmetology but learned that through her love of science and math she could make cosmetics better. She likes creating new cosmetics and learning about their makeup. She would also like to create her own cosmetic line if given the opportunity. Upon her completion of her degree at Nunez, she is looking to attend either Howard University, University of Morgan State, or University of Maryland-Baltimore College where all three have strong chemistry programs.

Adam Livas, a Nunez General Science MS-LAMP Scholar has been accepted into LSU’s Master of Health Science and Rehabilitation Counseling Program. Adam also conducting research with Klaus Heyer, in the Biology Department, and received a B.S. in Science and Psychology from UNO.

Rene Lopez, Rene is a Sophomore at Nunez Community College studying Industrial Technology and is currently carrying a GPA of 3.41. His emphasis is Process Technology, which trains the student how to become a Process Operator in a chemical plant or other type of energy plant. Before coming to Nunez, he served as an Engineer with the Marine Corps in the 9th Engineer Support Battalion. While with the Marines, he was awarded a Navy Commendation from the Army for his work along the California/ Mexico border. Rene says he likes hands-on type of work, working with tools, and getting dirty. He is currently interning as a Field and Chemical Inspector inspecting Petrochemical and Hydrocarbons. Rene is scheduled to graduate in May of 2012.

Julio Martinez, Julio is a Sophomore at Nunez Community College completing a LA Transfer Associate of Science degree. His current GPA is 3.27. His emphasis is in Chemistry. Julio is working towards a career in Chemical Engineering. Science appealed to him over other subjects in school and he feels very strongly that he has high math skills. He is fascinated by the world of fuels, most importantly biofuels, combustions, and updating cars to better serve the environment. He knows that cars will never go away and he wants to see them run more efficiently. With his eventual career in Chemical Engineering, he would like to take his work oversees to learn about other cultures and expand his knowledge of the world.

Treye M. Stalling, received an Associate of Science degree in Computer Science from Nunez Community College. After graduation, he enrolled in Excelsior College in Albany, New York, where he will receive his Bachelors degree.

We congratulate these LS-LAMP Scholars for their accomplishments here at Nunez Community College and for continuing their educational pursuits.

Nunez Louisiana Alliance for Minority Participation--NCC-LAMP