The United States Department of Education mandates that students maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward completion of their degrees within a reasonable period of time to be eligible for Title IV financial aid programs, including Pell, Federal SEOG, Federal Work Study, and Federal Direct Student Loans.

Below is a list of requirements to maintain SAP:

  1. Grade point average- Achieving and maintaining at least a 2.00 grade point average
  2. Pace of progression- Passing a required number of hours (67% of all hours attempted)
  3. Maximum time-frame- Total overall hours must not exceed 150% of the published length of a student’s degree program.

The SAP Review Process

Satisfactory academic progress will be reviewed at the end of each payment period by the college’s Financial Aid Department for all students, and students who received aid the previous semester (payment period) will be notified of their updated status, in writing, via email.


  1. NEW - student is attending college for the first time, this includes students who received credit:
    • Before earning a high school diploma (or equivalent),
    • For completing tests or assessments, or
    • For life experience or military service
  2. TRANS- student is enrolling in the college for the first time and has previously attended another postsecondary institution.
  3. GOOD - student meets all three standards and is eligible to receive federal financial aid
  4. WARN - student failed to meet at least one of the standards at the end of the previous payment period and the student was in "good” or "new” standing during that previous payment period
  5. APLAN – student failed to meet SAP, was granted an appeal, is placed on an Academic Plan
  6. BAD- student is not meeting SAP and is not eligible to receive federal financial aid for the next payment period of enrollment 

Academic Plan

An Academic Plan is specifically designed for a student who does not meet at least one of the standards at the end of the previous payment period and who’s Financial Aid Appeal has been granted. The requirements within the Academic Plan must be met to regain eligibility. Students will need to meet the standards of the Academic Plan each payment period until meeting the SAP standards. Not enrolling in college for a period of time then re-enrolling will not bring the student into compliance with the SAP policy, and may require the student’s academic plan to be re- adjusted. 

At minimum, the Academic Plan will require that the student do the following:

  1. Earn a GPA of 2.0 in all courses taken each payment period.
  2. Pass all courses taken each payment period with a grade of C or higher and no W’s or I’s.

Students may be required to meet additional requirements, such as taking specific courses and/or meeting with academic advisors.