Requirements for Withdrawal

A student who desires to withdraw from a course may do so in LoLA online during the period allowed for dropping a class. It is the student's responsibility to review the Nunez Community College Academic Calendar for the specific date by which one may drop a course. No notation of courses attempted will be made on the permanent record of a student who withdraws from the College by the last day to add classes in a particular semester. After that, the withdrawal from a course will be noted on the student's permanent record. It is the student's responsibility to consult the Academic Calendar for the specific date by which one may withdraw without receiving a grade notation.

Official Withdrawal (completely withdraw from all courses)
An Official Withdrawal occurs when the student notifies the Admissions Office, the Registrar’s Office, or withdraws completely through LoLA:

  • Completes a Notice of Enrollment Termination Form and a Financial Aid Exit Interview (for Loan repayment amount).
  • If a student notifies the school of a withdrawal in writing then the date of withdrawal will be the date on the written notification.
  • Completely withdraws on Nunez Community College’s LoLA software system.
  • An instructor notifies the Registrar’s Office that the student has not been in attendance or withdraws student through LoLA.

Any course in which a grade of “W” is given is counted in hours attempted. Be aware that excessive withdrawals from classes could result in the loss of eligibility for financial aid. Additionally, students may be required to repay unearned aid for complete withdrawals and will lose their eligibility if they fail to do so. Please see Nunez Community College’s R2T4 policy on the web at

All students, who have withdrawn and choose to re-enter into a course, will be placed under the same satisfactory or unsatisfactory progress status prevailing at the time of the prior withdrawal. Nunez Community College does not offer Leaves of Absences to students.

Dropping Courses and Withdrawing from the College

Students may drop courses or may withdraw from the College with grades of “W” up to the specified date in the calendar published on the website ( Students leaving the institution must withdraw online in LoLA. Students who stop attending without officially withdrawing will receive failing grades in all courses. Dropping a course or withdrawing from the College after the refund period will not reduce the student’s financial obligation to the College and may affect eligibility for continued financial aid.

Students may be administratively dropped from courses for which they do not have the appropriate pre-requisites.

Financial aid recipients should be aware that dropping courses and withdrawing from the College will have an effect on financial aid eligibility and should discuss their situations with the Financial Aid Director before or during the drop/withdrawal process.

Unofficial Withdrawal

An unofficial withdrawal occurs when a student:

  • Receives all non-passing grades in courses scheduled to complete,(when students receive F grades, instructors are required to give a last date of attendance).
  • Receives a non-passing grade in the last course(s) scheduled to complete, i.e., the course with the latest end date in the student’s enrollment schedule.
  • If there is no student-initiated notification because of circumstances beyond the student's control, i.e., illness, accident, grievous personal loss or other circumstances, the date related to the onset of that circumstance will be used as the withdrawal date.