Semi-Annual Security Reports

The Semi-Annual Security Report and new reporting requirements below contain statistics as of April 2021.

The crime statistics below includes Clery Act data and information related to statistics of incidents of power-based violence (any form of interpersonal violence intended to control or intimidate another person through the assertion of power over the person). It includes but is more expansive than sexual misconduct and Title IX misconduct.

As a best practice in the Board of Regents (BOR) Uniform Policy on Power-Based Violence, recommendations are made that certain crime statistics appear in the Semi-Annual Security Report as well.  Please click the link below to review Board of Regents complete Uniform Policy on Power-Based Violence/Sexual Misconduct.

Below is Nunez Community College's Semi-Annual Security Report beginning April of 2021. 

Please use the plus sign next to the year of the Crime Statistics you would like to view.